Ashley Vega and Justin Wong

We would like a blog with organization in navigating the different topics and subtopics that the author provides readers. The header/title of the blog should definitely stand out at the top of the webpage. Beneath the header there should be a bar of topics that are clickable. Once the cursor grazes over the topic names, there should be an automatic drop down menu of subtopics. We find this to be very organized and easy to navigate. We also like pictures. Sometimes pictures can be visually enticing to readers more than the actual words. Although we like the organized look we would like to incorporate different fun fonts, text sizes, and colors. We wouldn’t want it to be too much chaos on the screen, but something fun. When someone clicks an article to read, the font/color would be completely different than the initial web page. We would want minimal advertisements on the sides. Sometimes advertisements come in the form of videos that automatically play and that can be annoying. Logo at the top by the name of the blog. These are just some ideas we brainstormed on together to create a blog that is easily accessible and fun looking!