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The site would provide all types of news, categories: entertainment, local, political, health, tech, national news, world news, live broadcast, news of the people, and video. We want to provide a little bit of everything so that our readers can be well informed on all fronts. Categories can be seen on a side bar no matter where you go to within the site.

Social media buttons, on the home screen to like the actual site, and on individual articles to share to Facebook or Tweet immediately without having to leave our site.

Bold colored header and side bar to site. the bold colors will catch the readers attention and draw them into the site and also allow the reader to always know where they are while on the site.

The articles would appear to look more like magazine articles than articles on other web based news sites. It would be broken up by block images and videos. Pictures will appear in blocks within articles.

The tone in the articles with be attractive to readers. It will be casual without being like TMZ but also not too formal like what you would read on the cover of the New York Times. It would be a blend of casual and informative.

Video section would be brief synopsis of current stories. There would be playlists where you could watch the videos from all the categories that day or select a specific section or two and only watch videos from those, i.e. politics and world news.

Crowdsourcing component where readers can also write posts and submit them for publication. All submissions will be read and the best will be chosen to be posted to the blog.