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We chose to analyze the TMZ blog for this in-class assignment. When looking further at the writing of this blog we noticed that it’s mostly short and punchy language. It’s not very formal, but also incredibly dramatic. The writing is very specific to the celebrity that they’re talking about. It’s carefully crafted to display a certain tone of voice and never really left with a question mark at the end. They tend to use phrases and languages that are similar to what could be tweeted (short, basic 140 character headlines).

Another thing that we noticed was that their on-camera meetings have a lot of influence in what they write online. On TV, they can usually be seen screaming, laughing, making fun of celebrities, etc. and they are certainly not shy about doing that online. Their bold personalities are evident in the language used in their posts.

The voice of the story gives the impression that the author knows all the facts and isn’t afraid to bluntly lay them on the line. They don’t seem to care much about offending people and simple word choices make that clear. TMZ is traditionally known for breaking a lot of celebrity gossip stories. They’re always proud of the fact that they don’t stuff their posts with fluff and instead, lay the facts right on the line.

An example of this can be seen on TMZ’s cover story. Just the headline alone, “Stephen Collins Wife Claims He Used ‘7th Heaven’ Fame to Molest…” is sensationalized and written to gain readers through the shock factor. They certainly make use of headings and titles.

-Brooke Sassman, Carmen Liu, Rebecca Rice, Erin Conlon