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LifeHacker.com is one of the 15 most popular blogs. There are many authors on the blog, but the writing style is fairly similar between them, and it’s fairly good.

1) The authors address the audience very specifically, using “you” and “your” and “we”, creating a sense of connection to the reader. The reader wants to continue reading because they feel like they are being spoken to and do not want to leave the conversation.

2) The articles tend to have longer sentence with several small “punchy” ones to keep the reader’s interest up.

3) The punctuation is pretty tame. Mostly periods, no exclamation marks or question marks. But, more advanced punctuation, such as semicolons and dashes, are used to create the longer sentences.

4) The writers tend to end their posts conclusively, with advice for the reader based on the content of the article.

5) The writing is obviously thought out, but I wouldn’t call it carefully crafted the way I would think of a novel, but it’s obvious that it was written thoughtfully.

6) The format of the blog uses white space pretty efficiently, using short paragraphs to keep the reader from getting bored and intermittently adding in photos for visual interest.

7) The writing is focused on the topic.

8) The writers use vocabulary that an average 8th or 9th grade student can easily understand. This allows the reader to read it easily without insulting the reader’s intelligence.

9) The writer does make use of of headings and titles

10) The writer is addressing the reader directly and indirectly at the same time. The “you” used applies to all readers.