Hall, M. (2013, November 27). The Innovative Instructor. Retrieved October 11, 2014, from http://ii.library.jhu.edu/2013/11/27/using-blogging-as-a-learning-tool/

For my last annotated bibliography, I explored more generally how a blog can be useful in the classroom. This week, I’ve narrowed my search for sources a bit more by using an article that further describes how blogs are strictly “learning tools”. The post itself has also served as a source of inspiration for my own thesis. The author explains that blogs can be used for several purposes: student responses, discussions, displaying multimedia, group projects and reading reflections. This section in particular really made me think about how I wanted to narrow down my paper. I am most interested in the student engagement aspect and how blogs have made a positive impact on collaborative work.

The source itself is very thorough in explaining everything from the basics of blogging to specifically how it can impact the classroom. This is very helpful for my paper in that most facets of my research are covered. What I really like about this post is the fact that not only does it provide advice, but it also provides advice from established professionals. It gives the reader names and titles of those who offer advice on blogging. It’s a great way to validate that the information is accurate and represented from a reliable source.