Developing and incorporating Wellness programs will allow employees to develop a healthy lifestyle, which will benefit an organization in many different ways. It will allow employers to reduce rising healthcare costs and maintain a healthy workforce. The Center for Disease Control has recently reported that throughout the United States; it cost an average of $460 to $2,500 per obese employee per year. Building a foundation based off the value of good health will only improve a company. The happier your employees are the better they will perform throughout the workforce.

The source seems to be reliable as all the publication information is present. I also came across the article/study through the Rutgers library online database. The goal of this source is to go through the benefits a company could gain through implanting wellness programs. Also to show how the production of employees will increase as the company saves money from insurance and health benefits. I’ll use this source to show the exact numbers and studies that have been found and report their findings in order to prove that wellness programs should be implanted throughout all companies. Making the employees happier will eventually save the company money, which I will show throughout this source.




Benavides, Abraham David, and Haillee David. “Local Government Wellness           Programs: A Viable Option To Decrease Healthcare Costs And Improve             Productivity.” Public Personnel Management 39.4 (2010): 291-306.  Business Source Premier. Web. 11 Oct. 2014.