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Goins, Jeff. “How to get a Book Contract in 6 Months (with a Blog).” n.d. Life hack. <http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/how-to-get-a-book-contract-in-6-months-with-a-blog.html&gt;.

The point of this article is to provide a “how to” on using a blog to get you a book contract in 6 months. Each month has a list of things to do during that month. The first month’s list includes creating and launching your blog. The second month tells you to use social media to start promoting yourself. The third months tells you to a short ebook, a manifesto for your blog. Month four has you go back to social media to grow your brand. Month five has you searching for and getting a literary agent. And the sixth month has you writing your book proposal. The writer admits that by following these steps you may not get a book deal as quickly as 6 months but he says that by doing these steps you are putting yourself in a better place than by not doing it.

I think that this article could be a helpful source. This article is written by an author who has done the exact thing that I am researching, going from a blogger to a blogger with a book deal. The goal of this source is to help people get a book deal through blogging and I think that it is a useful source.

I think as a second found source it fits into my research as it is so far. I think it helps complicate my argument by providing more defined steps to take to attract agents and publishers. Some of the steps are in the same realm as the steps from my first source so I think these two articles with work well together.