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I never had crepes until two summers ago at a Japanese supermarket, Mitsuwa. Usually on one of the weeks in August every summer, Mitsuwa sponsors a crepe place from Japan to make crepes. And let me tell youTHOSE ARE THE BEST CREPES.Hands down. Just saying.

So today, I’m going to talk about crepes because I can never seem to find a crepe place that is up to par with Mitsuwa’s crepes. The three posts about crepes are Melanie’sHalf Baked Harvest’s, and Thalia’s crepes. Melanie’s Raspberries n’ Creme Biscoff crepes are usually what you think of when people mention crepes. Melanie’s blog is very different from the other two in many ways. In Melanie’s blog, all the pictures are the same. The picture is recycled in different angles, which honestly makes it a little less appealing. Half Baked Harvest’s and Thalia’s crepes have different photos such as the ingredients they use or the next step in making a crepe. However one thing that really distinguished Melanie’s blog from the other two was that she provided nutrition facts. This is great for people who are trying to watch their figure or for fitness people. The layout is simple where readers won’t have to scramble for the recipe and instructions.

Half Baked Harvest’s crepes are truly different from the other two because it is not the regular crepes, but a cultural crepe. The Rava Dosa is an Indian crepe, which can be a better substitute than a sweet crepe for people wanting to eat healthy. This automatically interests people because it is different, hence the 61 comments that this blog has gotten. Also, the photos used for this blog are different. It starts off with the end product, then retraces to the ingredients used in achieving the end product. The instructions and recipes were so long that it was overwhelming to read. And in order to print the recipe and instructions out to use, the reader would have to print out the whole blog post, which makes it really unappealing because some people just want the recipe and instructions. Also, I don’t know if it was the website that this blogger has used but it kept glitching on me.

Thalia’s crepes blog was very interesting because the photos weren’t the same just as Half Baked Harvest’s crepes. Not only were they different, but also this blogger made it possible for readers to pint it on Pinterest. The ability to subscribe to this blog, the word diction used such as “delicious recipes ideas just a click away!”, and the simple direction to easily print invites the reader to explore and captures the attention of the readers.