In relation to typewriters and blogs there is almost a complete parallel. Mcluhan alludes to the typewriter stating three similarities that can be compared to blogs that I would like to touch upon. There is an iconic physical appearance that refers to people who use typewriters, independence and freedom, and the change in the way of speech and written work. Blogging essentially, is an evolutionized version of the trend of the type writer.

When looking at the current craze of blogging we see a specific trend forming. When we think of a “blogger” there are certain stereotype of what that looks like. Mcluhan states that, “uniform ranks of fashionable lady typists made
possible a revolution in the garment industry. What she wore, every
farmer’s daughter wanted to wear, for the typist was a popular figure
of enterprise and skill. She was a style-maker who was also eager to
follow styles. As much as the typewriter, the typist brought into
business a new dimension of the uniform, the homogeneous, and
the continuous that has made the typewriter indispensable to every
aspect of mechanical industry“. This really stuck out to me because specific blog platforms such as tumblr has become so iconic that there’s a specific “hipster” or “urban” styles that blogs like tumblr are known for. For example:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 2.06.50 AM

To me this is comical almost, but we can’t deny this trend. Blogging has created it’s own archive, and it is building itself up much like the typewriter era.

This leads into the next point of independence and freedom. “creation of much private
independence. G. K. Chesterton demurred about this new
independence as a delusion, remarking that “women refused to be
dictated to and went out and became stenographers.” The poet or
novelist now composes on the typewriter”. This leads into more of the composition and form of language, but I just wanted to take a pause here. Much like the typewriter blogging has become its own entity. People always refer to online humor, memes, gifs, which originated from blogging. It developed it’s own humor, writing styles,  and trends. It has become such a force that leaves a huge impact and influence especially over the current and more modern generation. Also, the freedom this brings to the young people. They can fit into this mass and open community. Some may argue that this limits freedom, but I don’t believe so. You do what you want with blogging or just poetry or even life. However, the people that make a change or a ripple in this life are the ones that go out of their way and create these new trends. Everyone has the freedom to do so, it’s just up to the individual to take that stride.

With that being said I go to the last point. The written works. Typewriters gave the typist that individuality and freedom. The results were the poems and written works. Blogging has also done that, but at a greater extent. Poetry continues to grow, daily posts, venting, relatable messages, 140 character posts all these thing whether viewed negatively or positively are the strides that typewriters also have taken in changing the language and arts.