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Searching for recipes of the same fall favorite, pumpkin soup, brought me to three distinctly different pages on the blogs MadeByGirl, Blogger’s Recipe, Seasons For Everything. These pages, while each portraying a similar recipe, differ greatly in layout, and this difference affects whether or not I would subscribe to this blog.

The Blogger’s Recipe post contains just a basic recipe in a typical recipe format. While this utilitarian view is nice and simple for me to clip the recipe and save it for future use, I am not enticed to subscribe or continue reading other posts.

The post on Seasons for Everything is slightly more interesting, the woman writing it adds a small comment about her life in the beginning, and the post contains step by step photos of the process of making the soup. While the photos are very helpful for a first time cook, her comments show a bit of her personality and humor. This aspect makes me, the reader, more interested in possibly moving to the next post. Yet, while I would read several posts on this blog, I most likely would not subscribe. The font colors on the side blend into the background, making blog navigation difficult and discouraging subscription.

Lastly, the post on MadeByGirl was the most visually interesting. The blog’s layout is very easy to read an navigate, and the various follow are easy to see on the page, subtly bringing the reader’s attention to them. The post I was specifically looking at is a guest post by a blogger on another website, so it includes a short description of her and why she chose this recipe. The most important, and visually appealing part of the post is the picture of the finished soup product. It looks similar to what one would expect on instagram with a #foodporn hashtag added to the end. The content is engaging, but so is the layout. The picture makes me more interested in reading the post and trying out the recipe. After reading a few more posts on this blog, I actually did end up subscribing because I look forward to reading more of such nicely arranged posts.

The comparison of these three pages really opened my eyes to how I should layout my articles and blog to be more interesting to readers and encourage them to subscribe and continue reading my posts.