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This week on my blog I am going to be writing about pumpkin butter and so I found three blogs that provided recipes and approaches to making the tasty spread. The first blog, Grown To Cook, was very visual, with a large picture of pumpkins and a picture of the finished projects in a mason jar looking delicious. She wrote in a personal way talking about how her son doesn’t like winter squash and how she tries to combat this, suggesting to maybe “alter” the truth, while at the same time sounding European by using kg and g in her ingredients list. The type of text varies, she has an introduction, a conversation, explanation, and the actual recipe. The varying types of text and breaks make the post easy to read.

The second blogger, Yankee Kitchen Ninja, wrote in a more familiar manner. At one point she says, “Pffft: You are a follower of The Ninj, right? Of course you don’t skip the bourbon. Evah.” Her language is causal like she is talking to a friend. She has, like the first blogger, a perfect picture of her pumpkin butter. She also provides ideas of how you can use the pumpkin butter once you have made it. Compared to the first blogger, which I saw as more advisory, this second blogger wrote more like she was having a conversation with the reader and the comments on the post reiterated that.

The third blogger, Practical Stewardship, is energetic and blends the two first blogger’s styles, advisory like the first blogger and conversational like the second blogger. She gives her advise on how to make the pumpkin butter best while keeping a conversational tone. Like the other two bloggers, she has pictures of pumpkin butter in glass jars and spread on bread. Also like the second blogger, she gives ideas of how you can use the spread. And like the first blogger, she provides a shelf life.