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I researched 3 different posts regarding how to make homemade pizza dough.




In terms of noticeable differences, I noticed that both food52 and lifeline grace follows a step by step approach with a 1 picture included with each step giving them a more tutorial like feeling. The eatliverun pizza dough tutorial just showed a starting picture and an ending photo of what it will look like with text in between and it looks a little more bland in my opinion.

Another difference I noticed was how colorful and vibrant the lifeingrace blog and the pizza dough post was. Lifeingrace made good use of bold and colorful font to make it pop to the eyes of the audience whereas the other 2 blogs just used standard 12 size black font.

In terms of popularity all posts received a handful of comments but it appears eatliverun and lifeingraceblog received a lot more feedback than Food52’s post. Most of the feedback was all positive and rated how great the pizza dough was as well as included some suggestions and ideas of their own.

Another major difference I noticed was the language that lifeingrace used in their pizza dough tutorial post. Food52 and Eatlive run had a real tutorial robotic like feel (e.g stir the flour, pour this much water in etc.. etc..) Lifeingrace brings a lot of personal with a lot of casual language as if they were in conversation with the reader (using words like We, You, I, Me, names of people etc…) By talking with more of a casual language it really reaches out to the audience and makes the blog post seem more exuberant and fun.