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The three blogs I chose to examine were all personal style blogs in which ordinary people blog about what they wear by posting pictures and where they bought their clothes and accessories. The blogs I picked were:

  1. http://www.wendyslookbook.com/
  2. http://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com/
  3. http://galmeetsglam.com/

In all three blogs, the bloggers post multiple pictures to show off their outfit for the day. The photos show multiple different angles of the outfit. In addition, the women wrote about where they got each piece of clothing and accessory. But that’s about where the similarities end.

In Wendy’s Lookbook, she discusses why she chose to put certain articles of clothing and accessories together. Wendy discusses her outfit as if it is a piece of artwork, for example she says: “The marble-like print of the dress blends harmoniously with the soft floral colors of the jacket.  It is as though the set creates an image of two flower gardens grown between a marble wall.” Also, she gives readers an idea of the type of setting she lives in so that she can dress accordingly. At one point, she talks about how since she lives in LA and it’s warm pretty much till the end of November, she doesn’t get the chance to style outerwear. This component gives readers a way to connect to her because she is sharing a piece of her personal life with readers. She posts almost every other day and each blog post averages around about 180 comments. But she also has different social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube). On her Instagram she has a little over half a million followers and on YouTube she has a little over half a million subscribers. So in general, she is a very popular fashion blogger and interacts with her fan base in many different types of social media.

In Atlantic-Pacific, Blair simply posts pictures of her outfit for the day and then writes where each article of clothing and accessory is from. She doesn’t write anything about her personal life, only gives readers a one-sentence context of where she is wearing the outfit and then where she bought the items. The way she blogs is less engaging compared to Wendy’s blog. She also has a little over half a million followers on Instagram but she has less than Wendy. Also, she doesn’t have a YouTube account which could hinder her fan base because YouTube is a good way for the audience to put a personality to the face in the pictures.

In Gal Meets Glam, Julia’s blogging style is similar to Wendy’s. She includes multiple pictures of her outfit for the day and also where the find the items she is wearing. Further, she blogs about the context of her outfit in depth, she writes about where she is going and what she is doing and why the certain outfit is just right for the occasion. However, her blog differs from Wendy’s because she also features certain finds that she likes a lot. Also, unlike Wendy, Julia includes posts about beauty, home decor, travel, and shopping. This introduces a greater variety of posts and shows more sides of Julia’s personality than just what she wears. It also shows her style in terms of make up, decorating her home and traveling. Julia has almost 300k followers on Instagram which is a little less than the other two bloggers.