I looked up the iPhone 6. I figured with this being the latest big name in technology that there would be a lot of blogs about it. I was right about that, however each of these blogs had very different opinions.

I used techblog “Size Matters to iPhone 6 Reviewers” by Tim Bradshaw. Essentially what he was saying is that the iPhones new size of 5.5 inches is a big deal to the new consumer reviews and critics. He essentially says that every reviewer has a widely different opinion the screen. It is getting to a point where they are just becoming preferential. Instead of apple conforming to the needs of everyone they should just get  the one they want instead of the biggest one and complain about it.



Theres a lot of negative feedback regarding the iPhone 6 because of online bloggers, some who simply don’t like Apple. The opposite it true for those who like Apple, there are a lot of people who blog about Apple in a positive manner. This specific blog is about how one blogger likes a lot of the iPhone 6’s features and discredits other peoples accounts. It seems strangely biased because it feels personal in a sense.


This blog post is also a review. This probably the least biased one I have seen yet. The author of it says some positive things about it. There is a sense of balance to it that wasn’t seen in the other posts. The other posts were either really against it or really for it. Bloggers have the freedom to decide what position they take on literally everything they right. It is their right to do so. The only thing is anything you read on blogs has to be taken with a grain of salt. The author asks herself if she would use the iPhone 6 herself she says no but still gave it a good review anyway.  These posts were all on the same topic yet the narrative, tone, and discussions were all different.