Being that it is Monday and that I spent all day Sunday watching the NFL games; I decided to look up different blogs about the New York Giants. After starting the season 0-2, we have won 3 games in a roll. One of the main reasons was because of our rookie Wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. The three blogs I decided to use to compare to one another was Bigblueview, Bigblueblitz, and ultimatenyg. The first thing that came to me was reading how each blogger approached their writing through what happen at the game. For example, the ultimatenyg blog started by giving a flashback to the super bowl winning championships and stating how the giants started the season 0-2. The blitz blog on the other hand started their blog post by referring to the rookie wide receiver the giants have. Finally, the bigblue blog actually talked about the reaction by the players and coaches after the game in their locker room.

All three different blogs talk differently about the Giants victory over the falcons, but they all come to the conclusion about how bright the rest of the season might look. The similarities and differences of the blogs are defiantly noticeable as you look at them back and forth. One of the differences I noticed was the concept of the blog. Personally, my favorite one was Bigblueblitz mainly because how the blog is set up. For example, there are pre game videos as well as post-game videos. Having these videos allows the reader to know what the players/coaches felt before the game and their reaction to what happen during it. The blog I really wasn’t into was ultimatenyg mainly because there wasn’t too much throughout the blog. I didn’t see any pictures or videos of anything, which is discouraging as just reading the texts become boring after alittle. The most in-depth personal information along with a question and answer section was incorporated into bigblueview. The blog gave me great insight about the preparation and mindset most of the players were in before and after the game. I liked this aspect of the blog, as by asking questions I was able to notice the differences of what Coach Coughlin about the two halves.

Reading through sports blogs I love to see how bloggers begin and conclude their stories. Either your team won or lost, but determining how the blogger catches your attention and keeps you reading through the post is important. Therefore, even though I didn’t personally like all three blogs equally; I chose them because it kept my interest until the end. I liked how they referred to our last super bowl and bringing in as much interviews as possible. Sometimes I don’t have enough time to watch the games at home so I rely on different blogs to get the full picture of what happen. I like to hear other sports fan opinions about the game since it’ll give me a better understanding of what happen. I never just rely on Sportcenter because I like reading different thoughts of bloggers.