The three blogs I took a look at was:

The Washington Post


The New York Times

When looking at these three different blog posts I saw some interesting similarities and contrasts. The Washington Post and the NY Times are more well known websites and sources, so their blog post seemed more enticing and more well put together. The Washington post broke it down in section with categories to describe and inform about the Ebola outbreak. The New York Times blog post wasn’t really a general post about Ebola, but more specifically on why more attention is needed towards this current epidemic. The H5N1 blog was more of a archive and comment section. It looked less appealing with an unorganized appearance and links on the sides. Also it was just long posts broken into paragraphs which really made it seem boring and just information. The font was also not appealing and the website as a whole seemed boring and that made it seem less credible when in fact the information given was actually viable.