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When it comes to blogging, there’s a limitless amount of possibilities for each blog post. When looking at different technology-related blogs that discuss the iPhone 6, it’s immediately evident that there are different styles used when approaching the topic.

One blogger named Hayley Tsukayama from The Washington Post began her blog post with an image. No text had been typed until after the image was presented. From there, she writes in a series of short blurbs. She also embeds a video. The article is titled, “No, you probably can’t bend the iPhone 6 Plus. Unless you’re a bodybuilder.” Her post addresses the issue of the phone’s over-flexibility problem. All of her text is formatted in a large font that is easy to read.

A TechRadar blogger wrote up a blog post about the iPhone 6 that takes more of a review-like approach. The post is split up into sections with gaps in between. In “iPhone Review: bigger, better, sleeker, faster,” the phone is evaluated on a series of characteristics. It’s analyzed and critiqued from a professionals point of view but formatted in such a way that would appeal to the general consumer. There are a lot of photos! It’s almost like a photo gallery for the new iPhone 6.

Then there is Susie’s personal blog, Susie’s Musings. On her blog, she writes about her experience buying the iPhone 6 and setting it all up. Personally, I prefer these types of blog posts. Her post features text that is short and easy to read, photos that she took, and lots of emoji’s within the text that add emotion and are typically excluded from more professional blogs. I think they add something to a blogger’s writing though. I like Susie’s post and appreciate the way she went about formatting it.