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For dinner this week I decided I’m going to charcoal grill burgers before it gets too cold out.  So, the three blogs I found are burger recipes, and they all differ from each other, not only visually, but their content varies exceptionally from one to the next.

The first blog I came across is for Spicy Burgers, which sound delicious.   This post lacks a sense of personality from the writer.  There is a quote at the top of the page next to the image of the burger giving advice, but that is all the reader receives from the writers experience.  There is only one image of the finished product right at the top of the page.  This recipe gets right to the point.  On the left there is a list of ingredients, and below that there are quick simple steps that tell you exactly what to do and nothing else.  Although there is not much personality coming through from the writer, the recipe must be good because it has 30 reviews and 4.5 stars.

The second blog I found is a Dilly Turkey Burgers Recipe.  It is somewhat similar in layout to the previous blog, with the one image of the final product at the top of the blog, but this writer gives the reader a little view into her family life.  She tells us how the recipe originally called for one ingredient, but her family prefers something else instead so that is what they decided to do.  This lets you know that she is not only making the meal to her own preference but that she is trying to please other people with her cooking as well.  This recipe is also very straight to the point and tells you exactly what is necessary to complete the meal, but she provides nutritional facts for the reader.  There are many people in this world that are very concerned with nutritional facts and health and fitness, so I think this is a great aspect of her blog.  It expands her audience to the group of people that look into recipes for health reasons.

Finally, the third post I found is for BBQ Bacon Burgers.  I really like the layout of this blog because it puts a large emphasis on the images as well as the text, and I feel when you are blogging about any tangible object or concept, images are a big necessity.  I also really like this blog because the writer gives the reader a background story and a little personal piece of herself.  She’s been on a BBQ kick lately, she’s in love, and is super excited to grill for Memorial Day.  She shares with the reader more than just a boring looking recipe.  Her images keep the reader very interested in her topic, more so because there is more than one.  She also received a significant amount of positive feedback from her followers.