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I looked at three blog posts on “How to Make an Infinity Scarf.” These blogs were the first I found in a Google search, so I assume they’re pretty popular.

The first blog was a tutorial. In this blog, the writer provides multiple examples of different infinity scarves and how you can design it to your own liking. She provided pictures of what each scarf looks like (though I don’t think they were personal photos), patterns for knitting, and what to consider when you make it yourself. I also think this blog had the best layout for a tutorial such as this because it was simple.

The second blog was a bit different. While the writer also provides a knitting pattern, she writes it out and provides a picture of the finished product. She uses her words to describe the pattern process step-by-step. This blog had the most comments from other people either saying they successfully completed the scarf or they had a question about the process.

The last blog, and what I personally believe to be the most effective way to share information like this, is found here. This tutorial is a step-by-step photographed process of knitting one specific scarf. There are many pictures that one could reference to in case they were attempting to make this scarf. The writer also provides a link to a YouTube video on how to make the scarf. I feel this process is easier to follow; the pictures were great quality and the wording was short, but detailed.