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After examining three different blog posts written about Blake Lively’s recent pregnancy announcement, I found it interesting to see what information was pertinent to each individual who shared the story. On the BabyCenter blog, they took the angle of maternity clothing and how Blake’s outfit was pricey for a new mom’s wardrobe. They broke down how much each item was, showing that it was a $326 purchase. But what I found strange was that they didn’t even include the maternity photo that’s circulating on every other site right now. The Huffington Post took a more newsy angle, reporting the facts, including her website’s statement and pulling relevant quotes from articles in which they’ve expressed their thoughts on having children together. Lastly, on the blog Pink is the New Blog they focus more so on the style aspect and the cute picture that Blake posted. BabyCenter and Pink is the New Blog both had very conversational tones to their posts. I felt like the Huffington Post read a bit more in a tone that you’d find on other strict news blogs. The layout choices on all three blogs were pretty similar. They all included pictures of the couple, and 2/3 of the blogs posted the picture that Blake did when she announced her pregnancy. The length of the three blog posts ranged from 316-380 words. That being said, they were all fairly short with supporting images to draw in the reader. Because the news came out just recently, each blog had little or no comments.