What’s the importance incorporating Wellness into Employment benefits?

Decades of research have indicated poor health is associated with reduced job performance. A recent study mention that employees are 8 times more likely to be involved when wellness is a workplace priority and 1.5 times more likely to stay with their organization if wellness is promoted. These numbers show how the concern of Fitness and Wellness is growing throughout the United Stats. Americans have been known for our obesity and how the fast food industry affects our lives each day.

The source seems to be reliable, as I’ve located it through the Rutgers online database. I stayed away from Google since I knew the articles found there really couldn’t be relied on. The goal of the source is to show the importance of living a healthy life through their everyday procedures. I believe I could use this source to my advantage to prove my point that health is important and is actually on the rise. Implanting Wellness into employment benefits will only mean success for that business. When employees are happy, they work even better. I will prove this through the research done as well as showing the benefits of working out and how it’ll benefit an individual through their workplace.


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