Byrne, R. (2013, March 19). Picking the Best Platform for Your Classroom Blog. Retrieved October 6, 2014. <http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2013/03/picking-best-platform-for-your.html#.VDIf1oBdUVo&gt;.

Since my topic addresses blogging in a classroom setting, I thought that a piece evaluating the best platform for a class blog might be a good place to start. In this article, the author points out important blogging terminology as well as makes suggestions for particular platforms. He gives his recommendation for those that hope to start a classroom blog. In my paper, I hope to talk about all aspects of blogs in the classroom, even down to platform selection. His article really educates readers on how to choose platforms wisely and effectively.

This is a useful and reliable source because it really gives the reader a good indication of what blog platforms are the best and why. The author makes sure the reader has a firm understanding of blogging language and then addresses why each blog would be fitting for your particular classroom. I think that this source will be very helpful for my paper. It provided a greater understanding of all possible blogging platforms and was extremely useful for finding out that Edublogs (educational blogs) have their own separate entity. The article is written for someone that plans on blogging for the first time to someone that’s been doing it for years already.