Masullo, Gina. “Is Blogging Journalism?” Save the Media. Save the Media, 28 Mar. 2009. Web. 6 Oct. 2014.
This article is interesting because it is a blogger’s article. It even directly relates to the question. The fact that the author/blogger takes a negative stance on the position is even more fascinating. The author explains that “blogging isn’t journalism, but journalists can blog”. This shows that blogging is not a news source but a way to disseminate information. Blogging is a channel for information. The way one uses it is there choice. The credibility lies upon the author, not the medium of communication. In the article it says that the way journalism was two-hundred years ago was wholly different than the way it is now. The fear of change is seen as ignorant because it does not define journalism, but it can be a part of it.