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I chose to look at adventure blogs. How people write about their journeys. I see that the have lots of pictures and videos than words. They just describe and tell about the place in couple of words and that’s it. They just let their pictures speak about their trips. But then again, pictures are worth 1000 words so it makes sense to put pictures up. As reader you are interested in knowing what that place looks like because you have never been there. I mean you don’t want to see something like, “it had tress and valleys” that doesn’t tell readers anything. so putting pictures up is the best way for adventure blogs.

1st blog : http://www.adventure-journal.com/2014/10/weekend-cabin-kielder-observatory-northumberland-u-k/c

2nd blog : http://migrationology.com

3rd blog : http://www.theadrenalist.com/adventure/gopro-let-me-take-you-to-the-mountain/

Second blog is about food in different places. “Food is the reason you should travel”. This way he is bringing diversity to travel blogs in which they just describe about places and put pictures up. He can write about two things food and travel experience. Which i think is pretty cool.

the 3rd blog give you POV video of different mountains he has been. That’s pretty cool because it make you feel that you are at the place. Which is the best way to get people’s attention is to make them feel that they’re part of something.