Everyone likes the Fall Season for different reason. I love the fashion aspect of Fall; the oversized sweaters, knee high boots, and infinity scarves are what I personally love. My sister LOVES pies. She loves when it is the Fall season because of one simple treat … pumpkin pie. Many people love anything pumpkin flavor, but it is a seasonal thing. I found three different bloggers that blogged about pumpkin pie.

A blogger, The Cookie Rookie, presented pumpkin pie in an eye catching form – Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots. The title of the recipe alone grasped my attention. I liked the idea of a bite size pumpkin pie .. eliminate the alcohol content for the younger underaged crowd. I like how the blogger had a lot of photos to show the product and  also explained her trial and error with this recipe. The cook time is a little longer than I would want, so make sure you plan ahead!

Another blogger, Ang Sarap, blogged about traditionally pumpkin pie. When my sister hears that pumpkin pie is being served she is expecting a large slice of pie with either whip cream or vanilla ice cream. This blogger definitely hits that need. I love how the blogger starts off with an explanation of what pumpkin pie is and when it is traditionally served. That is good for beginner bakers! I also appreciated the notes section that the blogger left for readers because that shows when making this treat there can be common mistakes.

The last blogger I was able to view about this topic was, Lisbeths blog. This blog was not in english so that was difficult. I did however enjoy the photos. It looks like the pumpkin pie was made traditionally but with a different shape. It was made like a bundt shape and to me that is more useful because it will be easier to cut for guests. I definitely will need google translate to follow the recipe.

I found all these above bloggers on the website tastespotting.com and they have an abundance of different recipes! The three recipes above about pumpkin pie are all different but they are similar in the sense of providing readers with a lot of pictures.