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Rao, Srinivas. “5 Essential Elements of Getting from Blog to Book Deal.” n.d. Write to Done. <http://writetodone.com/5-essential-elements-of-getting-from-blog-to-book-deal/&gt;.

This article addresses the five important elements of going from blogging to a book deal, in the author’s opinion. The elements are content, platform, agent, original concept, and marketing/promotion plan. The article goes into detail of why and how each of these five elements increases a bloggers chance of getting a book deal.
The article will be a helpful source because it has clear advice and steps to take. It explains the benefit of having each element not only just to receive a book deal but to have a successful blog. The information appears to be reliable because Rao states in the article that he has interviewed hundreds of bloggers and these five elements were all common to their success.
This article will fit into my research even if I find more helpful articles later. I believe that I will be able to use this article in my argument somewhere within my paper.