My blog Tips For Tykes centralizes on the idea of children. As of now the idea is still shaky and I really don’t have much of a game plan. I am just taking this one post at a time. I want to include different activities to do with children such as finger play, arts and crafts, snacks,  reading and writing, and so on. As I searched on Blog Lovin’ for similar blog concepts I found a few. This first is Preschool Playbook it differs from mine because the person who runs this blog has 20 years of teaching experience. And me? Well I am just aspiring to be one. The next blog I found is Kids Activities Blog. By that title one can simply just imagine what it is full of…ACTIVITIES. Lastly we have Kinder Alphabet now this blogs main focus is educating children in funs ways.

Preschool Playbook is similar to my blog but yet different. This blog is from the perspective of someone who has twenty years of classroom experience. For example one of the post included focused on tips for teachers on the first day of school or traditions as the blog referred to it. The name itself kind of gives away that it is for teachers and gives them “plays” kind of like idea to get through preschool. I found that ice pretty neat. On the other hand my blog ideas do not necessary have to be classroom specific. The next blog Kids Activities Blog is quite interesting because of the fact the entire blogs activities range by age. It goes from babies all the way to family activities. Meanwhile my blog is age specific and I try to gear towards children between the ages of three to five. I feel like the readers of the Kids Activity Playbook get a variety of things to do and it is something for everyone on there. Lastly the Kinder Alphabet is neat because it is specifically about writing and such. For example it includes crafts as well on the blog but those crafts are to benefit reading in some type of way.

I want to make my blog as unique as possible. I plan on doing so by maybe starting to include how some of my personal experiences were with the activities that I use. Nothing says originality than using personal experiences haha. Something that I think I want to include in every blog post is an inspirational quote that goes along with the topic that I am posting bout. One thing that I did notice in comparison to the other blogs is that my post are longer by a significant amount. I gather because this is for a class and their blogs are done on whatever leisure time they have. Anyway over the course I am pretty sure I will come up with many more ides to distinguish my blog. After all this is still the early stage and all of the blogs on this site are still developing.