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From the past to the present, the internet has transformed so much. Not only the internet, but also society has changed way too much where we forget our own identity and become something else that society wants. People forget the simple etiquette and are in their own bubble careless of the feelings of others. The internet and society has created monsters.

Numerous websites such as formspring, facebook, tumblr, yik yak, twitter, and Instagram has contributed to cyber bullying and deindividuation. Deindividuation is when the socially desired behavior is withdrawn because the identity is hidden. The transformation of the internet has given society the unlimited opportunity to say whatever they want because they can create a different identity. I feel like society requires people to make another identity that we forget who we actually are. Not only does the internet impact our lives, but also the technological advancements makes it easier to create a fake identity.

The fact that it is so easy to be someone else creates a virus because it becomes an addiction. For example, formspring, tumblr, and yik yak all consist of an anonymous identity which is risk-free. There are no threats that could actually hurt them because they’re behind a screen. For example, a lot of people say stuff that they would not say if they were actually in front of the person because they are behind a screen. The internet secures people who try to increase their status amongst their peers or society.

by pixabay

by pixabay

The anonymous identity gives the person a sense of empowerment because one looks “tough.” A lot of people create a false image of themselves to “impress” and capture attention, which leads to the source: insecurity. I personally think Yik Yak is a great anonymous app that expresses how one feels because any degrading comments or statuses gets taken down and the person gets banned. Also, I know on formspring you can choose to see posts only from people that you know. I remember that when I was younger my friend would go on her formsprings and everyday there would be a new post of nasty comments. The anonymous identity made the person addicted to post rude comments, which is also an act of cyber bullying. It was an addiction because the promotion of the rage and disgust in others made people feel strong and empowered. It temporarily hid their insecurity. The hate from one person spreads to others like wildfire because in today’s society the environment is a huge factor.

Here is a video to show what the internet has created.

While I do believe that the internet has created monsters and an addiction, I also feel that because of the internet people were able to express themselves more easily. It also provided people to be open-minded and develop new perspectives. It has also helped facilitate communication and established new relationships or friendships. The internet should be about relaying information easily and quickly. It should focus on developing new ideas and relationships rather than an addiction of making people feel worthless or belittling them.