Okay so based off what i’ve seen pretty much all the tennis blogs out there do the exact same thing. They provide statistics and facts about the tennis competitive scene and try to analyze it to the best of their ability. I think the major difference between my blog and other tennis blogs out there is the audience I am appealing to. I feel that the competitive scene really only appeals to higher level players and maybe a few amateur players. These tennis blogs do not discuss in depth on how to improve your game from a mechanical stand point. Here is part of the about me from one of the tennis blogs I looked at.

“The goal of is to provide running commentary on the tennis world, from an analytical perspective.  As a hardcore fan and a numbers guy, I’ve often been frustrated by the lack of tennis statistics.” (From HeavyTopspin)

All the tennis blogs i’ve looked at feel the same to me. I want to steer my blog away from the competitive scene as much as possible and focus on HELPING amateur level players improve there game by providing tips and advice regarding mechanics, mentality, and just how to improve as a player overall. One thing I do need to point out though is I am not saying the competitive scene is insignificant for players looking to improve their game. However, I do feel that for the most part it is irrelevant when trying to develop basic mechanics and form with the exception of analyzing the pro’s gameplay closeup rather than talk about news. Although not mentioning anything about who is winning what tournaments and updating my viewers with tennis news may seem like i’m shutting out certain people from my audience, I really don’t feel like rehashing what current tennis blogs are already doing over and over again. Again, my blog is geared towards helping newer players not informing everybody why Djokivic was able to take 3 sets of so and so. Another thing I hope will distinguish my blog from others is a more casual and personal standpoint. All other blogs talk about how long they’ve been playing tennis and whatnot but I can’t seem to find any that bring their own personal experiences into their blog. I plan on helping others improve their game while also mentioning my past memories and experiences regarding how I played back then. I feel like by mentioning my experiences other tennis players will be able to relate to me better since we all started somewhere. Also, there aren’t any blogs out there that encompass all the topics I would like to cover in my blog. There is one website I would like to model my blog after and it’s the website that I used to browse when I was younger which is . This website goes into great detail mechanically on how to improve a player’s game as well as go into high level analysis of pro level matches and advanced level play. I would very well like to model my blog after this website and distinguish myself from it by bringing my own personal experiences into my posts.