The three blogs I found were all very similar in what they were trying to do: FACT, AllHipHop, and Pitchfork. I realized these music blogs in essence do what I am trying to do in showing the audience new music. However, another similarity I saw in all three blogs was that it was limited to a certain genre of music. These sites are perfect for people that have already established their own style of music and want more music in that specific genre, but it doesn’t really introduce new music. These “new” songs or albums are only for that genre. Also the songs introduced are usually from popular artist in that respective field. These blogs don’t really dwell into these hard-to-find artist and their music.

What I want to do is introduce to the audience new styles and genres. Songs that are harder to find. I personally enjoy all genres or specific songs from different styles of music. All these music blogs are definitely good at what they’re trying to accomplish, but I felt that they were all missing that one step. It took me awhile and very knowledgeable friends before I found my own taste in music. What I always wished for was some sort of website that could introduce me to these discreet and underground artist’s. My target audience is for the people that are trying to find their own style of music or people that just want to hear new sounds that I would never be able to find on my own. I want to be that knowledgeable friend, but I’d be the friend that is solely for this purpose of helping find music.

Another similarity between all these blogs is that there are review sections for albums, etc. The difference between my analyzations of it is that I’ll be focusing on the specific song. There are great reviews of the albums and it’s all very professional. The responsibility of these blogs is that they must review every album or song that comes out in these specific genres. The concept of my blog is that I’m posting all my favorite songs, in all different genres. However, I’ll also have a section called “Music No’s” which I would post less frequently, which is more of a light hearted piece where the audience can join in and vent their hatred towards a bad song. Regardless, the difference is that I don’t need to waste time giving my audience songs I have no interest in out of obligation to fit the quota of these general music blogs.

Lastly, I realized that I had this sense of overwhelment (that’s not a real word) when going on these blogs. Basically, as a new visitor of the blog I didn’t know where to begin. There are just so many albums and songs and news whereas I just want music. My blog will solve this issue because it is very simple. There will be one song that will be analyzed that can be listened to. This will definitely help the confused and new listeners of music who don’t necessarily know exactly what they want.