The hardest challenge I am finding myself with is knowing the amount of fitness blogs that are out there and separating RU Fitness Smart to others. I decided to make my blog about college students and working out. Being college students and always being on the run finding real food on the go is a tough task. The food throughout the dinning halls are bad, while you get all fried food for takeout. The challenges of time is mainly why students rather call for food instead of giving their body the nutrients it needs. As i looked throughout different blogs I wanted to pick three blogs that will overall give me a broad image of talking about fitness. The three blogs I’ve come across that caught my eye were 1.) FitSugar, 2.) EatYourSelfSkinny, and 3.) Working Out & Eating in. Not knowing any blogs I solely went through bloglovin’ and went through these blogs since they caught my attention. One thing i found that the three blogs had in common was their unique names.

Out of the three blogs I decided to pick I found that Eat Yourself Skinny was the blog I took most of my ideas from. I liked how the author includes recipes to the meals she eats throughout the day. It tells you step by step how to prepare the food and includes several pictures of the meal. It was actually making me hungry as I went through the blog. They are recipes from over four years that allows the follower of the blog to use them. The blog that was most useful to me was FitSugar. Even though FitSugar is completely set up in a different way; I found it had the best information throughout the three blogs. It takes Fitness to a different levels as they are posts about “how do you know if you’re truly happy” and “portion sizes.” With that said, the blog mostly doesn’t tell you how to workout rather it gives you advice to slowly begin to live a healthier lifestyle. Changing certain aspects of your life will go a far way in determining your fitness. Finally, Working out and Eating in is a blog where the author goes through his fitness journey and posts about his food and how to plan ahead. Planning ahead is really important especially in college when you have classes, social life, family, and etc. I decided to include this blog because I want to learn how to include my meals in my blog. Meal prepping in the beginning of the week will allow you to avoid all that junk.

All together the three blogs are similar, but completely different in the part of what they are aiming to do. Therefore, in my blog i want to incorporate all these things and even more. I want to include easy recipes that any college student could make and won’t take to long. I’m eager to see how my blog will eventually turn out as I continue to gather information and ideas from other blogs.