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I found three interesting blogs on being a nanny and doing crafts with the kids. The first blog I found, The Educated Nanny, is a blog in which a nanny shares craft ideas that she thinks are interesting. She also includes a link and video in her post. Even though she has some great craft ideas on this blog I think I can distinguish myself from her because along with sharing links to crafts that I think could be fun to do with kids I will be sharing my personal experience of doing each craft with my kids. From my experience a craft idea can seem great from just looking at it but once you actually do it you can find real flaws in the activity. Sharing my personal experience with each craft will separate me from The Educated Nanny. Through sharing my experience I will be able to help other nannies find activities that actually work well with kids in the age group I take care of. I will help nannies avoid bad activities and point them in the direction of good ones.

The second blog I found was Nannypology. This blog simply shares stories and antics that the woman, Erica, experienced in her life as a nanny. Her main objective is to share her personal experience as a nanny and make people laugh. She shares jokes that are appropriate for kids which is always in high demand. She also posts a lot about her personal life, which isn’t very helpful for people wanting to know about nannying or advise on nannying. I think that I can distinguish myself from this blog simply by the content that I will be posting. Even though our two blogs both surround nannying, mine is going to be used to inform readers of different activities you can do with your kids and my personal experience with each activity while her’s focuses more on making people laugh over the things she has experienced as a nanny.

The third blog I found Is Nannynotes2u. This blog focuses on her personal life as a nanny and what she does outside of nannying. She shares recipes and crafts that she is enjoying. The recipes can be fairly difficult, not young kid friendly. The crafts she shares range from ones that you could do with kids to ones that are more geared towards older age groups. She always gives her personal experience with everything she posts which I think is important because if I am going to take an idea from another nanny I always what to know what their actual experience with it was. I am going to be able to distinguish myself from Nannynotes4u through appealing to a different age demographic, she is an older woman working with older children from the looks of it. As a nanny working with a 3 and 4 year old the crafts and activities we do will be different than the ones she is doing. Also my blog posts will be focused on my time with the kids and less about my personal life.