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Although my blog and the 3 other blogs all focus on the “Do it yourself” aspect, my blog will be unique and differ from the 3 other blogs. As you see so far, my blog is pink and the crafts I did so far are out of the typical design that you see. I designed my blog to include my personal character. I am not normal, but then again nobody is normal. Therefore, I do not care if it looks weird or out of place because in the end it should describe me. Perusing through the other blogs, I felt that the blogs were made to impress and not to express. For example, the I SPY DIY blog focuses on more of fashion such as accessories, outfits, nails, and etc. that is the fad right now. It is cool to know that I can make my own studded shoes or tie-dyed sweaters cheaper than what I see in stores; however, I also want to see something out of the ordinary. I also feel like this blogger does not explain how to make his or her projects. There are more pictures than words and for someone who may not be comfortable without proper and specific instructions I feel this blog is inadequate. “Tiny Neon Pots” has a lot of close-up pictures to show how they did it, but for a person who is not really artsy it may be hard to replicate the picture without instructions. Therefore, my blog will include instructions, where I got my supplies from, and how much they were. Most importantly, my do it yourself projects will display my character.

Another blog that I really liked but differed so much with mine was the “Thanks, I made it!” blog. I think this blog is great! Whenever I walked around the street fair or flea markets, I always wondered how these people make stuff like this and sells it for a cheap price. From this blog, I realize that making your own accessories is cheaper than buying jewelry from a retail store. I also noticed that it is better because you could customize it however you want! However, as much as seeing how I can create my own fashion statement I thought this blog lacked diversity. This blog solely focuses on accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and etc. My blog will not focus on one specific project; I will be making bracelet or necklaces at times, but I will also make projects for my dorm, cards for my friends or families, or seasonal gifts or goodies.

The third blog that I liked was the Washi blog. I recently got addicted to washi tape. I never understood why people used them so much, but I realized that the washi tape could change things so much. This blog focuses on how washi tape can be used for different seasons, room decor, and everyday use. After going through this blog, there’s a lot of washi tape used in seasonal themes. For example, when it’s halloween the orange, yellow, and washi tape is used to design a candy corn. Or when it’s Saint Patrick’s day, the green washi tape is used to make a shamrock. Browsing through this blog, I mostly saw washi tape used for seasonal uses. I plan to use washi tape in any project that seems appropriate. My blog will be different from the blogs mentioned above because I will provide instructions to make these crafts, where I got my supplies from, why I decided to create this, what I can improve on (if any), and if I liked doing this project or not.