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Most music blogs focus on general ideas of music. Some dedicate a whole post to one artist in particular, mentioning their development over time (i.e. Culture Spill). Most blogs focus on a particular genre, such as indie, alternative, or rap. The Modern Music focuses on the work of fairly popular music. Concert reviews talk about the stage presence of the artists in their area; local bands receive lots of feedback this way, such as Beat Lawrence, who reviews bands who perform specifically in Lawrence, Kansas.

I hope for my blog, Headphones + Speakers, to be narrowed down versions of these blogs. I’m striving for my blog to me more personal and tailored down to my taste. I don’t have the most diverse music choice, but I want it to be a blog that most people can find at least one post that they like. The blog that is most like what I would like my blog to be is The Modern Music. While the music focuses on popular music, it is clearly only the popular music they like. The contributors even include a playlist with their top picks of songs to listen to for the month. Following a Pitchfork-esqe system, The Modern Music includes ratings of albums. Looking through these posts are actually giving me good ideas of what I can add to my own posts.

Beat Lawrence is also an awesome blog for reviewing local bands. Since they only review bands that perform in Lawrence, Kansas, I’m sure they’re extremely limited in their posts. However, my situation of living a bridge or two away from Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as in New Brunswick, widely known for its basement show scene, puts me in a great space to attend concerts and watch local artists. I’m looking forward to reviewing some of the nearby talent, whom I intend to interview and possibly get some releases from. (Just a thought, but that would be awesome.) Rutgers is actually a pretty perfect spot for all sorts of artists.

Culture Spill is a great blog for talking about artists, albums, and music in general. This blog is more about the meaning and intention of artists in their music. I definitely hope to go in depth of some of my favorite artists. There’s a lot of information I intend to share (and honestly rant about).

As I said before, I do kind of hope to incorporate a few ideas from what I’ve seen from other blogs onto my own. Some ideas I liked in particular were rating the albums, checking out the local bands, and (if possible) adding some tracks. I had a pretty simple idea of talking about my personal experiences with albums and shows. My first post about Two Door Cinema Club, I feel, talked more about the experience of being at the show than the music. I do hope to review some artists I may not like as well, but as of right now, the posts are up in the air. I’m glad I have these blogs to use as references!