There are countless people writing about music on the Internet, and even more talking and Tweeting about it. That being said, I’ve chosen the blogs Pitchfork, Dancing Astronaut, and Guardian.co.uk album review section. Personally, I will distinguish my own blog by adding more personal touches and anecdotes.

I pride myself on having interesting stories to tell, and the shows I have been to play a large role in that very often. While Dancing Astronaut may post about “What You Need To Know From Day Three of Ultra Music Festival 2014,” I have a more personal and life-changing experience that I can recount, having been there that weekend. While these blogs may post informative updates and news regarding artists and events, I have my own accounts from actually attending. I am essentially serving as the more human side to their informational posts.

In the case of Pitchfork, they have a bit narrower of a scope, preferring to cover indie and alternative musicians and releases. For example, their most recent story is regarding Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, and will undoubtedly follow up with a review of the new music he will be releasing. My own blog will have a wider focus, covering the entirety of my own musical interests and not limiting to a single genre.

The Guardian’s music section capitalizes on reviews. I feel as though my criticism is almost irrelevant, and would rather share my interesting stories and experiences that will actually, while weaving my personal opinion in with the action. Also, in the digital age, it is a lot less common to consume and entire album as opposed to singular tracks.

However, from exploring these blogs, I have realized that I would also like to include some current and relevant news with my stories to create a stronger connection with entertainment media itself.