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Through Google and Blog Lovin’, I found three music blogs that are similar to my blog, “Carmen’s Tunes” but different in certain ways. The first blog I found was http://disconaivete.com/ which focuses on reviewing one song each day. The posts are normally very short and include a brief background of the artist, introduce the song, describe the tone of the song and then embeds a SoundCloud player for readers to listen to the song. This blog is similar to mine because I typically focus on one song for each blog post however, I also include the name of the playlist that readers can search on Spotify to listen to the playlist I am talking about, rather than just one song. I also list a few different songs that I like the most from the playlist being discussed and then embed the Spotify playlist in the post.

I also found http://prettymuchamazing.com/ which includes a mix of song reviews, songs to listen to as well as music news. Although this blog uses a lot of music that I am familiar with and like listening to, my focus will just be reviewing one song out of an entire playlist and incorporating more personal information rather than posting music news. In addition, I will include the entire playlist that I listen to rather than just one song.

Lastly, http://noteworthy-music.blogspot.com/ is a very similar blog to mine. This blog focuses on reviewing the latest albums of popular artists and then embeds a Spotify player that contains the album being discussed. Although I focus on using Spotify as the primary music interface I refer to, I will be focusing on playlists as well, in addition to albums of popular artists. This gives the readers more variation in the music they listen to each time they read my post because they are exposed to more artists than just one. However, some of my posts will be similar in that I only review a single album by one artist. But even then, my posts will be different because in each post I describe my current mood, activity, setting and how the playlist makes me feel and then pick a song from that playlist to review and discuss. In this sense, my blog provides readers with more information about me. This makes my blog more unique and puts the readers in my shoes because they can picture the setting that I am in when I am listening to the playlists. Hopefully, this gives readers an idea of what type of setting matches best with the playlist I review.