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For the duration of this semester, I have decided to pursue my interest of creating a blog about internships and my experience with them thus far. When searching for other internship blogs, I found sites that offered more than just internship advice. They were platforms that aside from the tips also provided information about open positions, interviews, resumes, cover letters, style, workout ideas, nutrition, extra curricular activities, etc.

One blog/platform that has always stood out to me is Intern Queen, for all that it provides to students seeking internship opportunities. Although I look up to Lauren Berger and all that she’s created with this blog, my personal platform will differ greatly in what is being offered. Because Lauren did 15 internships over the course of her college career and I’ve only done 6, our level of experience and expertise is different. One thing that I really would like to make unique to my blog is the idea that it follows my own personal experience interning. Through my eyes, I will be able to give readers an inside look into what I consider appropriate/inappropriate behavior, clothing options that work for your industry, ways to approach asking for informational interviews and other tips that will continuously help interns push to be the best that they can be in their position.

Another blog that I came across didn’t have all the bells as whistles that Intern Queen did, but still presented pretty useful content. A branch of Internships.com, Eye Of The Intern: The Career Development Blog breaks up their posts by certain categories of advice and insight. For example, one series that they write is called “Launch Your Career”, where they highlight a specific company and give tips on how to get your foot in the door. Additionally, they allow interns to guest blog for their site, titling the posts “Intern Diaries” to give other students a greater look into the company that they’re currently working for. My own blog is pretty specific to the media internships that I’ve completed and am currently completing. I don’t intend on having guest bloggers or making the focus any less narrowed.

The final blog that I am comparing is the InternMatch blog. Another source for interns to find opportunities and read up on advice, this platform like the others has a lot to offer beyond the blogging component. Out of the three, this blog seems the simplest, whereas the others functioned as almost separate entities. The focus of this blog is mostly on positive thinking and ways to further enrich the internship experience. Even though I plan to incorporate ways to continue thriving in an internship, I also plan to discuss sometimes-awkward situations that all interns run into at one point or another. These situations might include tips for when your supervisor gives you an assignment you have no idea how to do, how to make coffee for the CEO, what to do when you misunderstand the rules of a project and do it wrong and generally finding ways to fix little mistakes you make along the way.

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