Reading through Jorn Barger blog or “Web log” I found that it was pretty simple compared to the usual blogs I’ve come across. The topics he writes about seem random as well. You can find a log about almost anything from pictures of flowers to animations of the moon. As I continued to read “Portrait of the Blogger as a Young Man,” I realized how a blog doesn’t have to be set in stone on what the blogger is going to do with it. One aspect of Barger blog that I would try to incorporate into mine is how simple it’s kept. The information isn’t overloaded and it’s simple to navigate which I like. Barger really does enjoy blogging as he spent the first two years of his life blogging. It shows the dedication and amount of time he devoted for his personal pleasure. It’s pretty amazing that he doesn’t have any ads throughout his blog or even a banner. Not personalizing his blog as it has gain interest from journalists and scholars around the world defiantly tells me that Barger is committed in continuing what he started and sticking with the reasons.

It is estimated that there is about 152 million blogs throughout the web. Blogs are becoming the modernized journal or even ‘museums’ to others. As the article stated “They are constructed from and pay implicit tribute to a peculiarly contemporary sort of wonder.” Blogs in a sense is someone’s life that he or she could look back through later in life and see different topics, pictures, or videos that the blogger posted at that time. It’s like Facebook and how the company installed the timeline feature in order for users to look back through their lives. It allows us to express our feelings publicly without getting into trouble for our freedom of speech. From making a blog private or public, it allows the blogger to completely take control. I agree with Barger that most good bloggers create more chaos. This simply means that in order to be considered a good blogger you need to learn how to engage your audience into whatever you’re talking about and make them question what he or she is reading. It makes them reevaluate whatever they already know. By doing so, the reader becomes interested in the post and will continue to read  more throughout your blog, which leads to followers and of course the more followers the more you get known for your work.


Even though blogging has been around forever; it is a trend with this generation that almost everyone has a blog. Anyone can blog even a child. It doesn’t matter what race you are, how smart you are, or if you have money or not, blogging can be done by anyone. An important trait I believe to having a successful blog and maybe make some money from it would have to be time management. Having enough time to research and write will go a long way. When you work hard for something eventually the hard work will pay off.


Heres a general video about blogging