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My blog for this class semester is called, “Things Rutgers Says.” When hearing that title, the first thing that may come to mind are the wide range of Youtube videos that capture things said by specific groups, however my blog takes a different spin. I am attempting to remedy the lack of filter that we sometimes have as a generation by sharing statements I hear that concern me and giving ideas on how to open up our eyes to become less ignorant. I also will share positive stories on statements and conversations I overhear to show that not everyone operates the same way and that the college generation surrounding me has the world headed in the right direction.

The first blog I stumbled across similar to mine was a blog on blogspot that talked about overheard lines in San Francisco. This blog included quotes about various conversations or statements said that stuck out to a playwright and his friends who blogged about the things they overheard that was said around them. My blog, although includes quotes that were overheard takes a different route by elaborating on these quotes. The overheard lines in San Francisco are recorded as only quotes. For example, one post included this snippet of a conversation: “Girl 1, On 41 Bus: ‘She has a nice butt.’ Girl 2, On 41 Bus: ‘But she has no butt.'” No commentary, no opinion, and no explanations. If this quote was on my blog, I would talk about how everyone is entitled to their opinion, but bashing the physical appearance of someone can cause long-term damage whether or not they hear what is said. Sometimes, if there is nothing nice to say, nothing should be said at all. My blog will include quotes like this but take the time out to elaborate on these quotes.

Another blog I found that was similar to mine was a blog titled, “Overheard in the Office“, which I believe differs from my blog because it is a much smaller area to deal with. My blog is dealing with Rutgers University as a whole, off-campus and on-campus, as I travel throughout the day. “Overheard in the Office” also only shares funny quotes that are heard throughout one’s work day rather than elaborating on these quotes. The office blog also gives others the opportunity to submit their quotes that they overhear while my blog will remain a blog that only I will be able to post on.

The last blog I found that related to mine was “Random Things Overheard at College“. This blog, like mine, focuses on the college scene and conversations that are heard daily. These conversations, like those overheard in San Francisco could be analyzed. Knowing how rough our generation can be with our statements and lack of concern for others feelings, especially while living in a college town, comments like these cannot be simply ignored. Whether one intervenes, or at least takes the time to realize why it is not right to them, something should be said. Through my blog, I will make sure that I give the entire context of a conversation and talk about my feelings towards the conversation and try to remain unbiased.