I looked on Blog Lovin’ and found 3 blogs that in some ways were similar to my personal blog – Her Media Jungle. My personal blog is one that will consist of any and all types of media related topics – fashion, celebrity news, hot spots, and anything popular targeted to our age range; the college years. One of the blogs I came across was the famous Perez Hilton blog! His blog is known to be a famous celebrity gossip blog. When I was looking through his blog I noticed that all it consisted of was gossip. My blog is all just gossip. It includes different components to attract a variety of readers. In Perez Hilton’s blog there was an opening statement – “Hollywood’s Most Hated Website!” To me, he is automatically setting a negative vibe and he just doesn’t care. I like that his blog is comfortable with his thoughts, but at the same time I don’t want my blog to be known as negative.

Another blog I found was titled, “Kiss Me I’m Stylish.” The name automatically grasped my attention to look further into the blog. This blog is more of a fashion and beauty related blog – which are some aspects that my blog consists of. As I was browsing through some of the posts I noticed the blog also has a tab for “how to get things for free.” This instantly made me appreciate this blog because it offered something different to readers. I hope that’s the same reaction I get with my blog in offering my opinion about the weekly media topics.

The last blog I found was a blog titled, “Keep Calm and Carry On.” The name was really catchy. It seems to be a lifestyle’s related blog with a variety of focuses on style, beauty, health, and even DIY projects. I like how this blog is similar to mine in the sense that while it has a large broad topic it breaks down to smaller topics. I feel like this allows readers to wonder what will be the next topic. As I read some of the posts I noticed that there were many posts related to pregnancy (health related topic), so maybe the author is incorporating topics related to her life at the time. That’s cool.

My blog, Her Media Jungle, is a blog targeted to attract college students in reading about topics varying from anything media related. Fashion and media blogs are so common, but I am confident in my blog. I think my blog is different because one post will be about the media topic and my research, then the next post that week will involve my opinion. My opinion may involve me actually trying out the media topic, whether that be a hot spot, a fashion tip, etc. I feel like that allows the readers to find a connection between the author and the posts. Whenever I read blogs, I wonder: Did the author actually do this that they are writing about? If they are fashion blogs, or lifestyle related blogs – I think this because sometimes when I try what they are writing about it doesn’t fit right, look good on me, or mesh with my lifestyle. This goes to show not everything is for everyone. That’s why I want to express my opinion on my media related topics. If the topic of the week is about celebrity media then it will offer an outlet for readers to comment on what is going on.