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After reading the article “Portrait of a Blogger as a Young Man,” a piece of the article that stood out to me was the section on “Wunderkammer,” object-wunderkammerdefined as “a random collection of strange, compelling objects, typically compiled and owned by a learned, well-off gentleman.” This section of the article grabbed my attention the most because it defined the actions of Jorn Barger and other bloggers when it comes to the content on their web logs. When it comes down to it, Jorn Barger put anything he wanted to on his web log to share with the world. Anything that he found interesting, whether or not it was related to another link on that blog, he posted it although sometimes one never knows what will capture another’s attention. That is how I view blogs today. Whatever interests you that you are passionate about can be shared with the world to discuss or to be read about. Through this Creative Writing class, we figured out what interests us and what we could passionately talk about for an extended period of time and through that we are collecting our own strange and compelling objects and compiling them to share to the world. Through my own personal blog I hope to share a log like Barger that can appeal to the public.

After reading the article and reading up more about Jorn Barger himself, I realized how much the web log has evolved. Barger originally wanted to share links with others that were interesting and had the “best content” on the web. His blog was literally a log of the web with links about so many different topics. Blogging today has involved into much more specified aspects where people are customizing what their web log is about and giving constant updates on one topic. An example of these blogs are gossip blogs. The popular blog of Perez Hilton, which is attached, is a blog that sticks to the topic of celebrity gossip and constantly provides its readers with updates. Transforming from just a log of interesting links Barger was sharing to setting up a blog that is constantly updated with information being written by the blogger themselves shows the timeline on where the blog has come from.

Jorn Barger’s blog of links also reminded me a bit of the popular blogging media site, Tumblr. On Tumblr, blogs can be customized to what you want and more. Seeing others blogs and having the ability to reblog it easily onto your own page, whether a picture or text, shows that a blog can contain any information that one finds interesting. I once had a Tumblr myself, and being able to have a blog where I could reblog my favorite foods to share with my followers or post a story was always intriguing to me. Whatever I was interested in somehow interested someone else and I had the freedom to share it with a large crowd.