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I ma starting a blog on my personal cooking experiences and recipes as a rookie chef.  Giving that I obviously don’t know how to cook if my blog is about the experiences of a ‘rookie chef,’ looking for inspiration from other cooking blogs is a must.  I found three blogs that have similar intentions as mine.  The only difference is that two of them are mainly focused on eating healthy, mine is not.  Of course, living with four other girls, everyone is a health nut, so healthy recipes will be necessary, but if I am cooking dinner for just myself, healthy ingredients is not my main priority.

Since my blog is about my personal experiences trying to teach myself how to cook while living on a low budget, I found that the blog The Stone Soup provides recipes for those who have no cooking experience, but with the use of affordable ingredients.  One difference between this blog and mine is that this blog focuses specifically on healthy meals.  My personal cooking blog will have rookie recipes, but they won’t necessarily be extremely healthy.  One specific thing that really caught my interest in this blog was one post called, “How to eat for $2 a day”.  This recipe tells you how to make broccoli soup at the unbelievable price of two dollars!  That sounds doable to me.

Another blog I found interesting, and helpful to begin my own blog is Cheap, Healthy, Good.  Although it is another healthy blog, (apparently everyone only likes to blog about how to cook healthy now a days), one thing I enjoy about this blog is the fact that the writers, who are four friends who have actually went to school for writing, provide funny little excerpts before they provide the recipe.  It isn’t always about the meals they are making, but they fill you in on their funny living situations together as well.  I am going to provide input on my cooking experiences, (stressful, easy, fun, etc.) but I feel like that is not enough, so this site would really help me come up with some fun, funky little ideas that I could use for my blog as well.

One more blog that I think I will find to be super helpful is The Girl Who Are Everything. This blog, because it is written by a mom, has good recipes that can be whipped up quickly.  Giving that I have two jobs, I go to school full time, and I volunteer to coach the cheerleaders for my brothers football team, quick recipes are definitely a necessity in my life.  I am short on time, just like the woman behind this blog.  Not only are her recipes put together quickly, they seem like they are going to be really good.

I am excited to refer back to these three blogs in order to get my own blog up and going at a successful pace!