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I found this blog on Blog lovin’ with the title “technology rocks. seriously.” In this blog she writes about new features on different websites or devices and how you can use them. To give you guys example, her latest post is on “text notification from Google calender”. She guides the readers on how to use that feature. My bog will not be as same as her. In my blog i will write more about different devices and giving reviews, pros and cons. I will write about useful features about that device and how it can help in daily life. Things like phones, tablets, and other devices. I will also write on new software coming out and rate them, pros and cons. Software like new IOS 8 apple came out with, specifications on it. I will talk numbers to give you guys all details about it. And in the end I will put “bottom-line” to summarize my thoughts on it.

There are other websites like Cnet review and some youtube websites that also looks at the new tech gears coming out and talk about them. I don’t know how mine will different from theirs because frankly speaking i haven’t looked them. So i don’t know what do they talk about the most when they give reviews. As far as i know, they just give details on the device. I will try to stay away from that path, not put lots of posts that just gives you numbers on it, if i talk numbers i will compare other similar devices to tell you guys which device is better.