Of the three blogs that I found which share similar ideas to my own, there are several ways in which my personal blog will differ from these three examples.  For instance, in the blog titled “The Real 1990s”, the creator of this blog for the most part only posts photographs and video clips of movies and television shows from the 1990s.  I want my own blog to cover a wider spectrum of what the 1990s meant for people.  Aside from movies and television, this would also include world events, technological developments, books, celebrities, politics, fashion, etc.  Also, when this blogger does post, they rarely give any description underneath their visuals and sometimes does not even include words to mention what movie or television show their photograph/clip is depicting.  For example, in one post, the blogger is showing a montage of clips from what appears to be a specific couple from a movie or television show but does not mention anywhere what particular movie/show these clips are from and assumes the reader already knows.  In my own blog, I want to describe in detail whatever visuals I may be using to give my readers as much backstory and history as possible.  I believe that doing so will help them remember whatever it is that I am trying to share with them.

The second blog called “I’m That Old” follows more along the lines of topics that I want to include in my own blog.  It covers clothes, toys, television shows, etc. of the 1990s that people remember the most today.  However, one difference in this blog which I want to avoid in my own 90s throwback is that the creator of the blog breaks up their posts into categories according to whether the post is about food, animation characters, fashion, etc.  Although this may seem like a good idea in theory, I think it actually takes away from the fullness of the blog because some of the categories only include one or two postings.  For instance under the category of “food”, the blogger includes only one posting about a certain kind of Pepsi product which was popular in the 1990s.  I think this makes the blog overall look more amateur and lacking in depth.  For this reason, I am not going to break my posts up into categories but rather will have my posts arranged simply from when they were published.

The third and final blog that I am comparing, called “I’m Remembering!”, is similar to “The Real 1990s” blog in the sense that it relies largely on visuals rather than words to get its point across.  Although I plan on using many photographs and videos in my posts, I also intend on never including any visual without explaining its significance or history in some kind of way.  Also, this blog focuses on both the 1980s and the 1990s whereas my blog will involve only the 1990s.  Although this blog has some very interesting posts that bring back some vivid memories, the absence of description and detail in my opinion makes the blog appear unprofessional and flat.  And lastly, some of the posts involve memes where an original photo of a movie, advertisement, etc. is somehow manipulated for a more humorous effect.  For example, a photo showing Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast  goes back and forth between the original picture and another picture in which all the characters are depicted as much more dark and sinister.  I do not plan on including these kinds of memes in my own blog.

Examining these three different blogs has been helpful in planning my own blog because they have helped given me a better idea of what I want my own blog to look like.  They have also shown to me the importance of providing description in order to avoid having my blog seem underdeveloped and childlike.