About me I was born and raised in Franklin, New Jersey (10 minutes away from Rutgers campus). When I got to high school I moved to Piscataway. During my high school career I was in Air Force Junior ROTC. I was in the program for all four years. When I arrived at Rutgers I was in the Army ROTC program for all my freshman and part of sophomore year. I then wanted to join Navy ROTC but they didn’t accept the credits from my year at Army ROTC so I plan on joining the military after I graduate.

Growing up I had a few odd jobs. I worked at a pet store called Pets Pets Pets (very creative name). I worked there for two years despite being allergic to dogs, cats, and birds. I left there to work at a Pepperidge Farm Thrift Outlet, from there I worked at a liquor store, much more fitting for a college student.

Why I’m at Rutgers
I have lived around Rutgers my entire life and always wanted to go to this University. My two brothers and sister went to Rutgers so it seemed fitting that I attend as well. In fact, Rutgers is the only school I applied to. (Spoiler alert) I got in. My group of friends from high school also went to Rutgers. We now live in a house together off campus.

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and camping, I try to go out as much as I can. I’ve been in desserts and forests, but I’d like to travel to other biomes because each brings their own style. For future reference, my blog is http://jfreidman19.wordpress.com/, called 127 Minutes.