I do not really know much about blogging besides from it is used to keep people updated on any particular subject an individual may want to know more about. Blogs range from many different topics such as technologies, food, and gossip. I also know that blogs can be very personal and used as a space to get away and clear the minds of many people. I know that most blogs are opinionated but some blogs do exist that include facts.

I personally used to have a blog that I started around 2010. I used the website Tumblr, like most people. While blogging I realized that it was a great outlet that I could use to get my feelings out. My blog was full of any and everything I was interested in at the time. In addition to that I learned that so much time can be wasted from blogging or from viewing other blogs. Time flew by so quickly while on the internet looking at blogs. I eventually stopped blogging because I wanted to spend my time doing other things.

I already knew how to add media and links to a blog. Besides from the basic things like ones previously mentioned I cannot do anything fancy on a blog. I hope to learn how to do fun and interesting things from this class. I am taking this class so that I can expand on what I already know and learn all that I can about blogging. Blogging seems like something much more than what people think it is.