I’m not a huge fan of writing, therefore i have never done any blogging. I know the basic concepts of blogs. Blogs are basically for people who wants to express their opinion on some event. I don’t like reading either so i haven’t read any blogs. But i do watch reviews and critics views on certain product either at CNET reviews or on youtube channels such as mobiletechreviews and Engadget. Hopefully, after this class i will have more idea about blogging and it can make me more enthusiastic about writing.

I’m more of a technical person and i love reading news about new technology coming out and i have a separate news app on my phone just for that. Therefore, i would like blog about my opinion on new technologies coming out such as iphone6 and other products.

My second choice would be on crisis in middle east. I think this a really hot topic right now. I don’t follow all the news reports so by choosing this topic i will be forced to look in to this matter and have more knowledge on the world around me.

Third topic i would like is to be on future gadgets, things people are working on (not out in market). how can it change our future? This topic is more on the same line as the first topic but like i said i’m technical person and i’m really passionate about technology.

I will be more than happy to work on any of this ideas, i would prefer the first one.