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Before this class I didn’t know wordpress existed. My blogging knowledge is very limited. The only blog I’ve had in the past was tumblr. I really didn’t write much on my blog and I didn’t follow too many people. I mainly utilized the tumblr blog to express myself through pictures. A picture is really worth a thousand words and I love that a picture can be interpreted many different ways. I would blog on tumblr on a daily basis in high school and in college I definitely stopped blogging as much. I would blog about many different things. Anything from fashion to animals. I thought taking this class would be extremely interesting because when I did blog on tumblr I used it as an artistic outlet. Although I didn’t do anything fancy with the blog and I just re-blogged photos, it was something that allowed me to freely express myself. I’m looking forward to using this website to create my own blog. I would like to create a blog that I can keep up with past this class. I think blogs are beneficial to allow people to express themselves through words, pictures, and thoughts. To me a blog doesn’t have a structure. What I mean is – all blogs all different and unique in its own way.

I’ve been contemplating a few thoughts for my own blog. I would like to do a fashion/trendy blog. I am very much into current styles with fashion, hair, nails, etc. Another idea would be a media related blog. I would utilize the blog to post about celebrity gossip, new music, new hot spots, and just anything socially related to the young age group. My third option would be a critique type of blog. I would want to check out different albums, movies, restaurants, etc. to give my opinion. I wish I could somehow mesh all these blog ideas into one!