Before enrolling in this course, I did not know much about blogs at all.  When I’ve seen them online, I always thought they were really intriguing to look at and I often wondered how to make one myself.  I’m really looking forward to learning more about blogging so that hopefully by the end of the semester, I will be able to start and maintain a blog that I can extend past the realms of this class.

One idea for a blog that I’m contemplating is a 90’s throwback blog.  Since most of my peers grew up through the 1990s, I think it might be interesting to start a blog capturing some of the most memorable moments in history, pop culture, etc. from this decade.  I know that personally, I enjoy reading articles about this time period or watching television shows from these years because it reminds me of my childhood and all the good memories that came along with it.

Another possibility that I am considering is a baking blog.  Baking is one of my favorite hobbies and upon graduation, I am actually considering enrolling in courses to earn a professional baking certificate and possibly making a career out of it.  I think I would really enjoy baking on a weekly basis and then sharing through my blog the different creative recipes and baked goods that I was able to create.  This is also something that could be useful to me for resumes and gaining further recognition if I am thinking about using this hobby as a career path.

My third idea is also something that would appeal to other Rutgers students.  Because this is my first year living on campus, I am still relatively unfamiliar with some of the most popular restaurants, parks, stores, etc. that Rutgers has to offer.  For this reason, I think it would be beneficial to both myself and other Rutgers students if I could seek out some of these locations and then blog about them to try and find the most worth-while places in New Brunswick.

Whatever idea that I choose, I am definitely excited about starting my own first blog and hopefully using it for a long time into the future!