After reading “Internet-Age Writing Syllabus and Course Overview,” I was amused. I believe that the syllabus accurately describes the technology world we live in today, everything is about getting our thoughts across in “140 characters or less” in order to get retweets. I think the syllabus also points out the silly things we use the internet for, and how we would much rather play around on social media than read a book or pick up the newspaper.

I believe that in itself it has enough satire to call us out about things we do. The syllabus gets you to think about how well you would actually do in a class designed like that, and makes you realize how into social media we are as a generation.

Before enrolling in this class, I used to have an addiction to Tumblr, a blogging website popular among the tween-teen age group. I first made my Tumblr at the age of 13, when I was in 8th grade, and I became an inactive user when I turned 18. On Tumblr, I would post about my days, “reblog” things onto my page that I thought was cool or agreed with, or post pictures. I also had a separate blog where I did a 365 Day Challenge, and wrote about a day’s events in my everyday life. I also did a lot of endless scrolling through my dashboard, to see what others were talking about on their blogs.

Today, I take the time out to check out blog links that I see posted on social media and read them randomly, but besides Tumblr I never really got into other blogging platforms or keeping up with blogs.

I do know a little bit about blogging, although I only experienced it in the form of Tumblr, I realized that one’s blog can be about anything. Blogs give an individual the freedom to zone in on one topic and build on it by researching and following that specific topic. Once a blogger has a specific topic to discuss, they share it to the general public and internet users can follow this blog to get the information they want, from cooking to celebrity gossip.

Besides knowing what blogging is about, I do not know much about the origin or how popular it is today, however this semester I’m looking forward to learning more.